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Terms & Conditions:-

1. Choose from one the four types of Commissioned Sketches.

2. Add to cart and place the order. 

3. Once order is placed, send the sample picture of person/object in .jpg format only.

a) Good quality picture is only accepted.

b) Send the picture via Email and mention Order ID in the subject line.

4. Once the commissioned work is completed you will be notified about the delivery via Email/WhatsApp.

(Expected ETA can range between 10-12 days)

You can also book an appointment with us...! Book a slot

Type of Commissioned Sketches:-

A4 -  Single    - Rs. 1199

A4 -  Couple  - Rs. 1799

A3 -  Single    - Rs. 1799

A3 -  Couple  - Rs. 2299

Sample Email - CommissionedSketch_edited
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